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ARMA Swiss Chapter

Commentaires Résumé

The landscape of professional associations in Switzerland is focused on and dominated by the public sector and strongly linked to archiving; see the Swiss association of archivists (SAA), eCH, etc.) ARMA Switzerland since 2011 is therefore mainly a forum for members from the private sector, multinational companies and international organizations where English is the primary business language.

However, the intended scope of membership does not exclude any interested bodies or individuals from other organizations or the public sectors. Nor does it compete with the activities of the SAA Working Group “Records Management & Digital Archiving”. ARMA Switzerland will be rather complementary to respective groups in this area of activity.


The mission of ARMA Switzerland is to unite and train records and information management professionals in a global perspective.


Creating networking opportunities and communities that:

  • allow members to liaise with each other in an open and non-competitive setting in order to exchange their practical experience
  • provide a means for the involved industries to communicate the value of information as a corporate asset and the impact of good information management on organizational effectiveness Provide events/activities and a communication platform that:
  • support and help members, project managers and business executives to become more bright information managers and strategists with a holistic view on enterprise information management (EIM)
  • highlight the important relationship between information stewardship and business value
  • highlight the importance of bridging the gaps between a content oriented information management and IT (technology and information architecture)
  • highlight the mechanism between the levels of strategic and operational information management (from policies to implementation)

Advance the profession by applying and establishing information governance standards and best practices based on risk & compliance (from ARMA and other organizations).

Offering training to acknowledged international standards and programs elaborated by ARMA International. ARMA Swiss Chapter is about to set up a training course in collaboration with Swiss universities of applied science.

The values and professional standards of ARMA Switzerland are based on the international ARMA governance standards.

ARMA Swiss Chapter

Formation: November 2011 in Basel

Type: association

Domicile: Basel. Area served: Switzerland

Mission: network and educate records and information managements professionals within the country in a global perspective.

Services: meetings, LinkedIn group for members

Members: members from the private sector, multinational companies and international organizations

Chair: Jürg Hagmann


Hagmann Juerg

Jürg Hagmann

Jürg Hagmann ist Historiker und Berater Informationsmanagement. Zuvor war er als Global Records Manager bei Novartis in Basel tätig.